Stellar payments made easy

Send money worldwide using your favorite messaging app

Modern money for a savvy generation

Paysapp allows you to send money to any person, any asset, anywhere, in just seconds, with the unbreakable security of the Stellar network and the friendliness of your favorite messaging apps. Simply, the way it should be.

One billion people just one message away

Whether you use Whatsapp, Telegram, Keybase, Matrix or Discord –the most used messaging apps in the world by more than a billion people– rest assured your payment will be received in no time protected by cryptography algorithms and the immutability of the blockchain.


All around the world, more than a dozen currencies will seamlessly exchange hands for products thanks to the internal assets marketplace provided by the most modern cryptocurrency ecosystem, the Stellar network.


Through secure payments, consumers and merchants will trade with confidence knowing their money is exactly where it is supposed to be. No late fees, no chargebacks, no locked accounts, your money is totally yours.


Instant notifications will allow all trades to be verified without delay, orders to be tracked, and goods to be delivered worldwide. Specialized tools will allow store owners big or small to keep their invoices and books up to date.